Our Biggest Haircut Tips

Our Biggest Haircut Tips

Hair grows from the roots and breaks from the ends. The reason for hair breakage is mechanical damage or chemical damage. However, there is a way to avoid damage and this underrated tip will go a long way for you: haircutting.

Mechanical damage is the day-to-day damage that hot tools, often tied up with hair-product build-up and pollution can cause hair damage. Chemical damage is the damage that aggressive colouring and product use can cause.

The perimeter of a haircut should have a correct flow all over the head for the hair to be able to move style and overall be livable is a really solid way. A haircut that is not completely shaped is losing its life easily. The hair feels flat, the ends bounce out and the blow drying is not easily managed in a beautiful shape.

How often you should cut your hair:

You should preferably get a maintenance cut every 4 weeks and this is especially advisable in haircuts close to the face because the shape is lost and the design is different four weeks later. 

Always remember that hair types are all different – and hair shapes are different close to the shoulder and close to the lingerie strap. Alternatively, hair length beyond the ear dresses your figure more than your face. We cater to different needs. 

Avoid taking aggressive decisions in regards to your fringe and always do it the moment you have a proper haircut and not as a stand-alone the moment you change your lipstick color and need something new. 

In terms of hair etiquette, have a haircut only after you have correctly shampooed and treated your hair. This means that you will tend to your hair in the correct way. At Magio, we put this at the absolute forefront as this is the way to treat your hair the right way, this is after shampooing. This will help control the damage while keeping the hair voluminous. 

When having a haircut, don’t move your hair from the places the hairdresser puts it. Next, sit properly in the chair without crossing your legs. To make sure you are following the instructions of the dresser, sit in the place as directed. Exactly after that, it is mandatory for the stylist to use the brush and make sure everything is balanced and correct in drying. Is a proper haircut finish.

At MAGIO, the hairdressers draw your haircut for future reference and for you to understand what we talk about. Bend, lay or even dance to see how the locks move and this is what makes each haircut unique because it is designed just for you. The goals are set but the uniqueness of the moment is something that you should remember. 

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