We strive to make your experience with us as enjoyable and safe as possible while providing you with excellent customer service.

Kindly follow our directions so we can serve you in the greatest way.



We will contact you for your appointment confirmation 24 hours prior to the booked time.

Direct us in the way you wish for us to communicate with you.

We use whap’s app, text, email, or call.

We are available throughout our APP, it’s secure, fast, and simple.



We are a team dedicated to empowering women and girls.

We respect your privacy.

We don’t judge, we don’t gossip and we will always support you to deal with what life will bring you with great hair.

Everyone is welcome and every opinion is heard but in our environment, we don’t allow any kind of offensive or harassing attitude.


Silent mode booking…

Our artisans have invested in soft skills development but we want to keep the salon’s environment professional and enjoyable.

In case the day of your appointment you don’t wish further than your consultation conversations, kindly request to turn your booking to silent mode upon your check-in.

No questions asked. No judgment.

Before your 1st color visit…



We are hair consultants.

The consultation builds our relationship and allows you to understand the way we work.

Is great for both of us to know what to expect and have the time to create a technical and artistic plan before your service performance.

Along with your consultation, we advise you to do your allergy test and a strand test so we can have a complete overview of where we stand.

Our consultation is complimentary.


Cancellation /No show…

Following your consultation to confirm your appointment a deposit of 300 is required.

The 300 will be used in your service ticket on the day of your service.

The deposit is non-refundable non-transferable in case of no-show or cancellation less than 24 hours of your initial appointment.


Allergy/Patch test…

All our new guests having colour services will be in need to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to the appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse to perform a service if we don’t have a valid patch test.

Patch tests carried from other salons will not be valid.

If your medical record has changed since your last visit your patch test is invalid and must be repeated. (or if you have been affected by covid-19).


Strand test…

We will use one small hair strand to check your hair limits and be able to predict the outcome.


Length determination…

We determine the length from the longest part of your hair.

Ear length is until your ear lobe.

Collar bone is from your ear love until your collar bone.

Armpit is from your collar bone until your armpit

Middle of your back is from your armipt until the middle of your back(bra strap).

Hip is from the middle of the back until your hip.

Beyond that POC.


Colour projects…

We are constantly keeping our toolbox updated with the newest technologies and the most developed scientific products.

Most of our colour lines are free of – parabens, ammonia, alcohol, gluten PPD, MEA.

Additionally, they are vegan.

We are committed to using the correct colour lines for the most creative results and uncompromised hair at a flat service rate for any of the products needed.

Come prepared

To ensure great colour performance we advise you to shampoo your hair the day before (or even the same day) your colour appointment.

No time? – No problem, just let us know upon your appointment confirmation.

Prefer using clothing with a low collar, avoid using hoodies and big volume tops.

After your appointment…

We are promise keepers.

All our projects are designed with dedicated after-care products and treatments which help us keep our results predictable.

We urge you to follow up on our directions to ensure the correct oxidation and hair in the greatest maintenance constantly.

We have the right to refuse to perform further services in case you are not able to follow up on our directions.

  *We are committed to keeping you happy if you have an issue with your service please let us know within 5 days and we will attempt to rectify the situation.

 – All services are non-refundable and we reserve the right to refuse to rectify them at our discretion.