Experiencing Hair Fall After Holidays? Here’s Why

Experiencing Hair Fall After Holidays? Here’s Why

Coming back from a vacation is always difficult. Getting back into a routine and picking up where you left off is complicated enough without suffering from hair fall! If you have returned from your summer vacation and are concerned to find your hair is falling out at an increased rate, this blog post is for you. In this article we will explore why this happens and how to treat the root cause of the issue.

Water Type

Water type has a big part to play in the condition of our hair. The reason so many ladies notice a difference in hair texture and hair fall after a vacation in particular is because they have been experiencing a different type of water whilst they were away. Many European holiday destinations have soft water which can be a real gentle treat on the hair but returning to the UAE means returning to hard water which is an altogether different experience for your hair.

Hard Water and Hair Fall

Hard water contains a build-up of several minerals that can produce a film on the hair, such as calcium, magnesium, and limestone. When they build up on the hair it can make it difficult to moisturise the hair shaft which can lead to dry hair that is prone to splitting, breaking, and falling. It can also cause build up on the root which prevents growth and weakens the root, causing hair fall.

How to Treat Hair in Hard Water Countries

We always offer our guest a personalised treatment among the services at MAGIO hair experience, and for many with hard water build up, we recommend our Vitamin C vegan Build Up Extractor which detoxes the hair and busts the build up from hard water, pollution and other environmental factors.

Other Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

Hair requires protein to grow and remain strong so it’s always a good idea to add vitamins and protein to your diet to beautify from the inside out. A Mediterranean diet – which is full of fresh foods and oils, can also help. Hair can also be affected by hormones, pregnancy and especially stress, so keeping a calm and relaxed lifestyle also aids hair and prevents hair loss. Ensure you only use good quality heat defence and hair styling products – hair can snag on unclean or old hot plates. It’s also crucial to ensure your hair styles are not pulling at the root or causing stress or tension on the scalp as this, too, can pull on hair and cause hair fall. Sleep with hair in a protective hair style such as a loose plait, with a silk scrunchie and consider silk pillowcases to limit friction and damage to the hair shaft.

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