Our founder
Maria Kama

Envisions  a team of qualified hair artisans, in a sophisticated environment create  extraordinary hair couture

I do hair more than the time of my life without hair…


I am driven by my love for hair and women.


My wake-up call was the moment I realized that with my combs and all the passion that I am putting into my art, make all of you walk as you fly.


I have the need to design into your heads what I see in your reflection.


Your pure, bright, real self.


Is this personal need to expose my insecurities and fears and express to you with confidence, that,I have dedicated my life to women and hairdressing.


The most joyful moments are the moments that I have completed a hair project.


I imagined it and now I delivered it in your head,is a piece of my heart,
every time is like I have love butterflies in my stomach.


I am expecting and working towards making you feel the love butterflies in your stomach, before you come into the salon, from your anticipation and excitement and from what you will see in the mirror after you finish your hair appointment.


This is me and what I do for me,you and your girls.


This salon starts here in Abu Dhabi and I have one commitment, to empower within my hair results as many women and girls as I possibly can.


This is so simple and so complicated, a journey, that I have dedicated my life to…