Celebrity Inspired Hair Extensions for Abu Dhabi Fashion Insta


Celebrity Inspired Hair Extensions for Abu Dhabi Fashion Insta

Abu Dhabi is a place to live luxuriously, stylishly, and in full fashion. As the city is remarked as a fashion hub, many social media influencers and fashionistas in Abu Dhabi look forward to enhancing their looks and reaching new levels. The most popular way among youngsters and fashionistas worldwide, including in Abu Dhabi, is getting hair extensions, the same as well-known celebrities.

Whether you are attending an event or just showing off in your social media posts, hair extensions do a great job of refining your personality and looks. In this blog, we have compiled four amazing ideas for hair extensions in Abu Dhabi inspired by celebrities. Explore this article to the end to learn everything about hair extensions in Abu Dhabi, how to choose the best one, and where to get it.

Hair Extensions in Abu Dhabi: Everything You Need To Know

From the straight, sleek locks of Jennifer Lopez to the voluminous wave of Kim Kardashian, popular stars have raised the standards of hair fashion very high. Hair extension is a way that gives everyone an opportunity to access and replicate these looks. This is a very effective, easy, and quick process. In Abu Dhabi, where social media is key to showing your personality and slaying your elegance and style, hair extensions are becoming a very popular and essential accessory. 

Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions add grace, elegance, and delicacy to your hair in many ways. They are:

Instant Volume and Length

Natural hair takes a very long time to grow to a suitable length. Then, suppose how much time they will take to grow to your desired length or volume. But, with hair extensions, you can reduce that time and can get that within 2-3 hours.

Confidence Boost

Hair extensions give you a new hairstyle, offering you an instant and effective transformation that can make you feel like a star, which can boost your confidence.


Whether you have curly hair, waves, or straight locks, extensions allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without fearing your natural hair. Extensions can be styled in any way to suit any look.

Color Play

Extensions offer different styles and allow you to explore new colors without damaging your natural hair color.

Top Celebrity-Inspired Hair Extensions

Here is the list of hairstyles you can follow after getting hair extensions in Abu Dhabi inspired by the top celebrities:

Ariana Grande’s Signature Ponytail

Ariana Grande’s high ponytail is an iconic hairstyle. You can achieve this look with extensions that add length as well as volume. Pick up straight extensions and use a hair tie to secure your ponytail high on your head. Wrapping a section of hair around the base of your ponytail will hide the hair tie. And a polished finish will add more elegance to it.

Kim Kardashian’s Voluminous Waves

Kim Kardashian’s signature thick and glamorous waves are a dream and favorite of many. To get this glamorous look, choose high-quality, wavy hair extensions that mix fluently with your natural hair. Their voluminous and natural shine will perfectly mimic Kim Kardashian’s luxurious locks.


Beyonce’s Bold Curls

To make a bold statement, Beyonce’s big and bold curls are perfect. Curly hair extensions can do your job of getting them. Apart from curly, extensions need to be tightly coiled and full of volume. Using a curl-defining cream will help you maintain the curls and give them a fresh look.

Jennifer Lopez’s Sleek and Straight Hair

Jennifer Lopez’s straight, sleek, and glossy hair is the epitome of sophistication. To achieve this look, opt for silky, straight extensions. Applying a heat protectant spray before straightening the extensions and your straight hair will give you a Jennifer-type sleek and smooth finish.

Choosing the Right Extensions

Many points need to be kept in mind when selecting hair extensions. Primary ones are:

Human Hair vs Synthetic Ones

If choosing between human hair and synthetic alternatives, human hair is suggested to be better because it offers a more natural look and feel. It can be styled with heating equipment, and it statistically lasts longer than synthetic alternatives. 

Color Matching

For a seamless blend, choose the color that matches your natural hair. Many companies provide you with the benefit of color matching to ensure a perfect match. 


Proper care is needed to ensure the longevity of your extensions. You must use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, avoid excessive heat, and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and steps. 

Magio Hair: The Best Place to Get Hair Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Have you made up your mind to get hair extensions in Abu Dhabi? Then, you might be wondering about the best salon to embark on your hair transformation journey. Well, the answer lies in Magio Hair. Led by celebrity hairstylist Maria Kama, the dedicated hair salon for women offers the best hair treatment services. For more information, make a booking today.

In Abu Dhabi’s fashion-forward landscape, celebrity-inspired hair extensions are a must-have for achieving stylish, confident looks. Whether aiming for voluminous waves or sleek straight locks, these extensions offer instant transformations, helping you stand out effortlessly. Rock your style in your way!

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