Beyond Frizz: Benefits of Keratin Treatments in Summer

Beyond Frizz Benefits of Keratin Treatments in Summer

Beyond Frizz: Benefits of Keratin Treatments in Summer

Summer brings heat, humidity, fun, and hair frizz. It can turn even glamorous locks into tangled manes, especially in a city like Abu Dhabi, where humidity reigns. But for God’s sake, there is a very good solution to it: the keratin treatment in Abu Dhabi. It makes unruly and frizzy hair shiny and silky. Let’s delve deep into why keratin treatment is a must for these hot summers.

What Is The Meaning Of Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein present in our hair, nails, and skin. Excessive sunlight exposure, excessive heat styling, and chemical treatment deplete the hair’s natural keratin. Keratin prevents frizziness by acting as a barrier against humidity. 

Understanding Keratin Treatment In Abu Dhabi

Keratin is induced in our hair by applying a product and locking it in by heating. Keratin treatments restore keratin in our hair, which results in its good appearance and health. Further, in hot and humid cities like Abu Dhabi, keratin treatment smoothens the hair envelope, locks moisture, and creates a glossy and frizz-free finish. Moreover, it acts as a shield against pollution and humidity. It makes hair not only smoother but stronger and more adaptable. 

What Are The Benefits Of Keratin Treatment In Abu Dhabi?

Here are the advantages of keratin treatment:

Combats Humidity

The most beneficial reason is their ability to fight humidity, as summer air contains much humidity. If compared to other times, they cause your hair to frizz. It forms a protective shield which prevents moisture from pierce through the hair and causes frizz. 


Reduced Styling Time

Summer is one of the seasons to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. But if your hair is frizzy, half of your time will be wasted on it. Keratin treatment reduces hair drying and styling time. It makes hair straight and easy to manage. It makes hair styling less time-consuming, and your fun time is increased a little. 

Long-Lasting Results

The best part is that the result lasts longer. A single treatment can last up to three months, or even the whole summer, with proper care. Longingness means you don’t need to worry about regular touch-ups, which makes your summer more joyful. 

Enhanced Shine and Smoothness

Hair can be dull and dead on exposure to the sun. And the keratin treatment adds shininess and smoothness to them. Protein fills the porous spots present in your hair, reflects the light off your hair, and gives it a healthy and glamorous appearance.

Damage Repair and Prevention

Activities in summer include water, and that can be tough on your hair, such as chlorine from the swimming pool, salt from the ocean or sea, and UV rays from the sun. Keratin treatment not only strengthens hair shafts but also protects your hair from further damage. And it can also benefit you by making them more resilient to split ends and breakage. 

How To Maintain Keratin Treatment?

Some small steps and precautions are very important for maintaining your keratin-treated hair. They are:

Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently.

Minimize Heat Styling.

Stay Away From Chlorine.

Where Can You Find The Best Keratin Treatment In Abu Dhabi?

If you are planning to get keratin done and wondering where you can find the best treatment, trust Magio Hair. Run by celebrity hair stylist Maria Kama, at Magio Hair, you can find a team of professionals that offers top-notch hair care services, transforming your hair from tips to roots.

In conclusion, to combat modern-day lifestyles, keratin turns into a savior to nourish your hair growth, overcoming all damaging factors. 

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