The Top 7 Wedding Hair Styles in 2023 According to Expert

Top 7 Wedding Hair Styles in 2023

The Top 7 Wedding Hair Styles in 2023 According to Expert

Maria Kama, the best Abu Dhabi in Dubai, is dedicated to bringing a revolution in beauty and hairstyle. In this blog, she shares the best hairstyles and hair trends to try at your wedding.

Many things happen only once in our lifespan. One of them is marriage, which happens only once in a lifetime. Everyone, whether a boy or girl, wants to be a well-dressed and best-looking person of the day. So, to look your best, your hair is a necessary thing. You cannot flaunt your look if you are well-dressed but your hair is not well-groomed. So here are the seven most trendy hairstyles and hair trends in 2023 by the best hairdresser in Abu Dhabi.

Top 7 Wedding Hair Styles in 2023

Here is the list of the best hairstyles and hair trends you may try at your wedding in 2023.

Evergreen Updos and Chignons

So, the first one is classic style with the touch of modern touch. Just imagine that you are entering your marriage hall in classic updos and chignons. These are all-time favorites of brides also. But imagine you are entering these with a little twist that adds braids or a soft wave to increase the beauty of your hair. All the heads present there will be turning toward you, looking at your beauty mocked.

Boho Waves

The best hair salon in Abu Dhabi also suggests boho waves. Imagine you enter with tousled and messy hair but steal the day’s spotlight. Yes, with boho waves, it is possible. Your hair’s loose, free look will look very charming to the people present there. For destination or outdoor weddings, this style is perfect as the vibe of this style is like a beachside vibe.

Pony Tails

The third style is ponytails. You must have heard that sometimes the simplest thing is the most beautiful. This style is defining this statement this year very properly. The uniqueness of this style makes it one of the best styles in the present time, as the polished and synchronic is the perfect look for many brides for their wedding. And in the simplicity, you can add any pearl pin or colorful cloth to your pony, making it seriously beautiful.


Hollywood Waves

The fourth one is the Hollywood Waves. As you must have heard, the old Hollywood style is making a great comeback in hair styling. Imagine you are confidently flaunting your shimmery and beautiful hair on your back on your wedding occasion. Many other girls present there will be jealous of you by seeing this. You will just steal the show the very moment you enter the hall. Just try it, and you will feel like a Hollywood star on the day.

Accessorizing your hair

The fifth style is adding floral accessories to your hairstyle. Many of us had once added a flower to our hair and seen it in the mirror. Doesn’t that flower add more beauty to your style? Imagine you do any hairstyle and add a real or artificial floral accessory. This will add a romantic touch to your look. And everyone presents there will be stunned by your appearance.

Braids and Twists

So, the sixth style is braids and twists that are mesmerizing or, you can say, enchanting to many brides these days. A hypnotizing mermaid twist is a nice option to style in your wedding. Or you can do a wrapped bun style, which looks fabulous with gowns. The twisted updo is another fantastic option to flaunt at your wedding. You can also combine a bun and a few little braids to add beauty to your attire.

Trends of Amazing Hair Crown

Last, the expert hairdresser in Abu Dhabi suggests wearing hair jewelry or a stunning crown at your wedding and hairstyle. Imagine you are walking down in the wedding hall with a shiny crown and pearls embedded in it. You will just feel like a queen or a princess. It’s good for the brides who want to feel like a royal person at her wedding. Or you can wear any hair band that has crystal embedded in it. Just wear any tiara or an ornate comb and walk down the aisle like a royal one.

So, as a hair expert, she suggests these are the best hairstyles you can flaunt at your wedding. As your wedding day is your day to shine, your hair is one of those priorities that increases your glory. Another thing the best hairstylist in Abu Dhabi wants to tell you is that no matter which style you choose, just be confident that the one you chose is the best, as confidence is the most important key to flaunting or representing yourself. But yeah, you must choose which matches your style and attire. So, choose the best and be confident.

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