How The Condition of Your Hair is an Inner Reflection of Your Lifestyle

How The Condition of Your Hair is an Inner Reflection of Your Lifestyle Magio

How The Condition of Your Hair is an Inner Reflection of Your Lifestyle

See how the best hair stylist in Abu Dhabi connects your hair appearance with your lifestyle and daily habits

Have you ever thought about which is the most important factor to represent ourselves in front of people? Today, people judge us first by our looks, not by our designation or knowledge. So, our looks play a major role in our first look as it also shows about our lifestyle. And in our looks, hair plays a major role. Well-groomed hair makes people appear sophisticated, whereas people with bad hair always seem crazy.

You must have seen people with good and well-groomed hair flaunt and express themselves more confidently. At the same time, people with messy and ungroomed hair are always a little disturbed about their looks and hair. Our hair growth also depends upon our daily chores and choices. It’s mandatory to have healthy and good hair. In this blog, the best hairstylist in Abu Dhabi discusses how improving our inner self can help in good and healthy hair. She also talks about how to get rid of your hair problems.

Impact of our lifestyle on hair

Firstly, let us talk about how our lifestyle impacts our hair and how we can keep our hair well-maintained.

1.    Diet, Nutrients, and Hair

The healthiness of our hair also depends upon our nutrition and also our diet. A balanced diet, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, helps grow our hair. A person who doesn’t get all the nutrients has a chance of losing hair at a very early age. Various nutrients are also responsible for hair growth and its stunning look. It’s mandatory to focus on our food for good hair. If you are having hair loss, you can have a protein deficiency. As our hair and nails are made up of keratin protein, adding a rich amount of protein to your diet is necessary. The various sources of protein are meat, fish, and eggs. And for those who do not eat non-veg, soya granules, milk, milk products, and pulses are also protein-enriched.

Or you can have a deficiency of vitamins as in our hair health. Vitamins play a vital role. Vitamins A, C, D, and E and B-complex vitamins are also essential for our hair health. Sources of vitamins are fruits, vegetables, and all grains. Same with minerals, hair loss is natural if you lack minerals, as minerals are also essential products for our hair. Minerals like zinc, iron, etc., help our hair grow and strengthen. Spinach, nuts, and whole grains are mineral-enriched products we can add to our diet.

2.    Body Care Products and Hair

Apart from these, we also have to care for our hair by ourselves. We have to decide very smartly to choose what products we use for our hair, like hair oil, shampoo, and conditioners. We have to avoid chemical products for the good health of our health. Also, we must maintain our distance from hair styling instruments like hair dryers and straighteners as these make our hair weak, and the chances of hair falling are very high.

The hairdresser in Abu Dhabi advices trimming and washing hair regularly to look nice and charming. Also, head massage can help us to have stunning hair. Also, we must do other practices to avoid hair dandruff and head louse as these weaken our hair. So, it’s necessary to maintain hair as well as body hygiene.

3.    Sleep Cycle and Hair

We also need to change some of our lifestyles to have good hair. We have to get proper sleep, as sleep regenerates cells that hair, too. Improper or less sleep can stop or reduce the generation of cells. It’s also seen that people who take more stress are more troubled with hair issues, such as less hair growth and hair fall. So, humans must maintain their stress levels for good hair.


4.    Stress and Hair

In case you are suffering from hair fall or loosening of hair, one of the reasons behind it may be less sleep. Maybe you are not getting sufficient sleep, like sleeping late in the night and waking up early in the morning. One has to sleep for around 6-8 hours a day.

And, if you are suffering from hair loss and greying of your hair, the reason behind it is stress taking. Stress can make your hair grey permanently. For stress management, one has to do meditation and yoga as it helps to reduce stress. Being hydrated is also very necessary to keep our hair strong and smooth.

Pro-Tips from the best hairdresser in Abu Dhabi

Magio Hair is the best salon dedicated to hair experience in Abu Dhabi. Run by Maria Kama, the top wedding hairdresser Abu Dhabi can ever offer, the salon offers various services from haircuts to hair colour. When she was asked about some pro-tips about lifestyle to improve hair health. She suggests ways like daily exercise. The person who regularly does physical exercise has nice hair. Those who aren’t aware of physical fitness have a chance to have hair problems. Through exercise, the blood is circulated to our whole body and the growth of hair increases.

We can say that our hair is that sheet of drawing that shows many things like our lifestyle, our hygiene, and other things. By good food, daily routine, management, haircare, hygiene, and physicality, we can represent ourselves very nicely in front of others. And our hair plays a big role in representing ourselves. So, we can say that the condition of your hair is an inner reflection of your lifestyle and confidence. Start maintaining your hair from today onwards. And, for more updates, subscribe to Magio Hair, the best salon in Abu Dhabi.

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