Top 5 Celebrities’ Hairstyle To Follow In 2023 (Female)

Top 5 Celebrities' Hairstyle

Top 5 Celebrities’ Hairstyle To Follow In 2023 (Female)

The year 2023 has witnessed major hairstyling trends. From deep haircuts to blonde, we have seen our favorite celebrities giving us major hairstyling goals. And, if you’re someone who’s chasing celebrity hair goals, sit back; you are on the right page. Being the popular hairdresser in Abu Dhabi, we have compiled a list of the best hairstyle for females in 2023. Further, all these looks are celebrity inspired. Thus, you don’t have to question the trend.

5 Best Celebrities Inspired Hairstyle For Females in 2023

1.     JoJo Siwa (Blonde and Brown Blocks)

The teen sensation JoJo recently got a hair change in June. And the change was mesmerizing enough to leave you in awe. If you are planning not to chop your hair into shorter lengths but still experiment with the appearance, JoJo is your savior. Follow two-tone blonde and brown locks with your hair length. And then flaunt it further with a cool Instagram caption.

2.     Florence Pugh (The Pink Pixie Cut)

To all the ladies who love short hair, Pugh set a benchmark for you. The beautiful Florence flaunted Paris Fashion Week 2023 with Baby Pink Pixie Cut in May. And, this might be your high time to find the best hairdresser in Dubai and get this cut.

3.     Simona Tabasco (Fusion of Bob and Bangs)

Gone are the days of simple hairstyles. Women nowadays love to experiment with their hair with new and vibrant energy. Flaunt this 2023 with Italian touch in your hairstyle, like Simona, who posted on Instagram with long-layered bob hair and blended curtain bangs. You can further ask your hairstylist in Dubai to balance a chin-length chop.

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4.     Margot Robbie (The Barbie Rolls)

Since this year Barbie’s movie has created a buzz this year in theatres, why not Barbie’s hairstyle? Well, yes, we are talking about Margot Robbie. The actress has beautifully seized the Barbie Press Tour with her retro Hollywood waves. The shiny and wavy hairstyle requires a ton of hairspray. But once your look is fixed, nothing stops you from rocking the eve.

5.     Dixie D’Amelio (The Icy Blonde)

You might be wrong if you think you can’t experiment with your blonde hair. Dixie D’Amelio just ruled Instagram with her fab buzz cut. Further, she added a bold new color this time. And, undoubtedly the TikTok sensation proved that blonde is fun as well.

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