How to find the best Hairdresser for you.

best hairdresser in abu dhabi

How to find the best Hairdresser for you.

With over 3,500 beauty salons, barbering, and beauty businesses in Dubai and more than 1,500 in Abu Dhabi, it can be challenging to find a qualified and skilled hairdresser. Here is a guide to help you find a hairdresser who meets your standards, taking into account the information provided by Maria Kama.

Look for Well-Trained Hairdressers: According to Maria Kama, a Level 2 qualification is the minimum standard required for hairdressers make a haircut and hair colour  unsupervised, which typically takes two years to complete. For senior stylists, a Level 3 qualification is required and takes one year to complete. While a Level 4 qualification focuses more on business management, it doesn’t necessarily indicate greater skill than a Level 3 hairdresser. Look for hairdressers who have obtained qualifications from recognized governmental institutes, as this shows their dedication and professionalism. MAGIO is known for choosing highly qualified best hairdressers with over 6 years of experience, indicating their expertise.

Seek a Hairdresser who Listens and Understands: Maria Kama emphasizes the importance of a hairdresser who listens to your needs and takes the time to understand what you want. They should also possess knowledge about product chemistry and be skilled in the appropriate techniques for each service. Additionally, consider the salon’s way of running the business, as it can significantly impact the overall experience. A well-managed salon environment allows hairdressers to perform at their best.


Schedule a Consultation: A consultation is a crucial step in finding a good hairdresser. Magio, for example, offers free, no-obligation consultations, separate from the day of your actual appointment. This allows you to assess if the hairdresser understands your preferences and if you feel comfortable with them. The person who touches your hair should be someone you can trust and establish a rapport with.

Find the best  Salon in Abu Dhabi  that Fits Your Lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle and preferences when selecting a salon. If you prioritize excellence and desire the highest quality tools and products, a luxury salon with high standards would be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you prefer fast service or are looking for budget-friendly options, a smaller local salon may be more appropriate. Ensure that the salon’s cultural and financial values align with your own.

Seek Recommendations: Personal recommendations from friends and family who know your preferences are invaluable. If they are happy with their own hairdressers, it’s a good indicator of their skills and professionalism. Recommendations from trusted individuals carry more weight than those from social media influencers, who may promote businesses for financial gain.

Remember, finding a best hairstylist in Abu Dhabi who not only meets your technical requirements but also provides a pleasant experience is important. They should be able to understand and care for your hair needs while delivering the service you desire.

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