Hair Trends Set To Explode in 2023

Hair Trends 2023

Hair Trends Set To Explode in 2023

While 2022 was rife with top-knot, red-hair-don’t-care, pixie cuts, soft brown and gold and bronde hair, 2023 is (hopefully) going to have more and better in store. So, in terms of hair mood boards, we have lots of colour, cutting and new hairstyles in store – ready?

Mixie Cut

The bold, 70s-style haircut is very edgy and is reminiscent of a truly golden time. The way the haircut looks is that it is a short chop and shaggy style. The style is both versatile and edgy, making it a great addition to the list.


Yes, the gorgeous mix of brunette and blonde took over the Internet by storm.

Big, bouncy natural curls

Natural coils and curls are ubiquitous, whether we see them or they’re all over social media. The most notable part is the fringe – bring the 80s back.


Via Sinitta Leunen @unspalsh

Curtain bangs, are and will always be the answer. In 2023, fringes and bangs will be long and delicate, making them more stylable and overall, cuter.

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Strawberry Blonde

This colour will continue its supremacy well into 2023, and drawing on from the copper hair trend, this is a perfect hairstyle for those who don’t want to go fully red.

Beige blond

Beige blonde is a very bold and deep impact colour. It’s relatively low-maintenance without incessant appointment-booking. It is a great option for an easier grow-out.

Dark brown with copper

Via Theme Photos @unsplash

Dark hair always healthy-looking. Adding copper adds an additional layer of volume.

Round cuts

Curly or straight, the look rounder with many layers. The round cuts include a short front zone which allows for bouncy hair and easy movement.

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