5 Trending Hair Colors in Abu Dhabi

5 Trending Hair Colors in Abu Dhabi

5 Trending Hair Colors in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city with a shining sun, and your looks and style speak for you. One necessary accessory to boost your personality is your hair. The one way to either enhance or transform your hair is by using the latest color trends in Abu Dhabi. Here are the top 5 hair colors in Abu Dhabi that people are craving for most nowadays. After reading the blog, you might also be asking your hairstylist in Abu Dhabi for the same shade of color.

5 Trending Hair Colors in Abu Dhabi

Without wasting another second, let’s jump to the topic and find some real trending hair colors in Abu Dhabi, as well as how to choose the best one according to your preferences and looks.

Desert Blonde

If you opt for natural elegance, Desert Blonde is the pick for you. With the golden dunes of Abu Dhabi, it will be fully compatible. It suits every skin tone and provides an effortless and charming look. It captures nature’s essence and reflects the warm hues of the desert. Professionals and fashionistas also prefer this because it doesn’t require that much maintenance and gives the person a polished as well as relaxed look. By using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, you can maintain color integrity. And taking a conditioning treatment once a week ensures the hydration and shininess of your hair.


Rose Gold

Rose Gold is perfectly chosen for those who are bold and adventurous. Its pink and gold shade produces a fairy-tale-like and wonderful appearance, which is enough to stand out from any gathering or crowd. With its warm and rosy hue, it stands as an epitome of individuality and creativity. One who wants to make a statement is perfect for them. Due to its vibrant color, it requires extra maintenance for its vibrancy. For the longing of your hair color, you must use a color depositing conditioner. Regular salon visits are also a necessary factor for the hues.

Ash Brown

If you need a cool and modern look and no sophistication, Ash Brown is the shade for your hair. Its cooler tone of brown works great for persons who seek refined and understated change. It adds sleek contrast to the warm and sunny environment of Abu Dhabi, which makes it a popular choice among youngsters and professionals. It blends formal and casual. Cool undertones of Ash Brown can be maintained by using purple shampoo every week to avoid the brassiness. Regular conditioning treatments are required to keep them smooth and glossy.

Jet Black

Bold, striking, and timeless, Jet Black is best for those who love classy, powerful, and elegant looks. This is for those who want dark and deep shade and a layer of sophistication added to them. Jet Black’s adaptability and lasting quality make it stand out in Abu Dhabi’s landscape. Also, it fits well with every type of hair and skin tone and makes it a great choice by giving a lasting impression. Sulfate-free shampoo and a color-preventing conditioner are a must for keeping them glossy. Using hair masks will keep them hydrated. 

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights are the all-time favorite in Abu Dhabi, adding depth to them. These warm, golden streaks add sweetness and sophistication, adding a natural sunlight effect to the hair. This is for those who want to brighten their look without any major and noticeable change. A sun-kissed look is best for Abu-Dhabi’s climate, providing a glamorous appearance. Using a leave-in conditioner with UV protection protects the shade from fading. Every 8-12 weeks, these need touch-ups to maintain vibrancy and should prevent regrowth.

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