6 Tips To Pamper Your Hair Growth This Winter

7 Tips to Pamper Your Hair Growth This Monsoon

6 Tips To Pamper Your Hair Growth This Winter

Wondering how to stop your hair from falling this winter? Here are seven quick tips for fostering your hair growth.

Winter is a season of love and romance. Further, the delicious warm cuisine all around the world make the season more memorable. But the other things that we all face during the rainy season are frizzy hair and hair fall. Most people often complain that every winter, their hair turns more unmanageable. See what the stylists from the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi speak about pampering your hair growth this winter.

7 tips for fostering your hair growth this winter

The first thing is that no such hair problem can’t be dealt with a proper hair routine. You only need a balanced diet and expert tips to foster your hair growth. Here are a few tips that you should follow this, Winter. But first, let’s see the hair problems we often face in winter.

  • Fizziness
  • Hair Fall
  • Oil and dirt
  • Scalp infection
  • Dull and damage

Now read the things that can help you avoid hair fall and improve your hair growth as well.

1.   Don’t let rainwater sit on your head.

If ever, by chance, your hair gets wet in the rain, make sure that you wash your head immediately. Since rainwater is dirty, it may cause infection and more hair fall. But a thorough hair wash prevents the risk of scalp infection.

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2.   Wash and condition your hair 2-3 a week

You should wash your head 2-3 a week. Use a mild shampoo that doesn’t carry any harsh chemicals. Further, always apply shampoo on the scalp. Later nourish your hair length with the right conditioning masque.

3.   Immediately dry your hair

Keeping hair wet for too long in winter might result in lice affecting hair growth. Further, the condition worsened when you have to cover your head with caps and hats. Thus, the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi for ladies is advised to always quickly dry your hair either from a hair dryer or naturally before stepping out.

4.   Drink plenty of water

In winters, we often drink less water than in summer. This often causes hair damage. For healthy hair, you should drink at least seven glasses of water; anything below that isn’t good for your health growth.

5.   Don’t tie wet hair

If you practice tying wet hair, ladies, you must stop it today. Either rainwater or washed hair, keep your hair open until they are completely dried. Since wet hair is fragile, thus tugging them will result in excessive hair fall often.

6.   Invest in hair serums.

Last but not least, invest in hair serums. As winter season is followed with rough and dry winds, this makes your head worse. Use a hair serum to protect your hair from winter dryness. For suggestion, you can use keratin serums that soften your hair strands and retain your moisture.

Well, these are the quick hair tips from the top hair salons in Abu Dhabi. Follow them to foster your hair growth and nurture your hair roots. For more quick updates, subscribe to the newsletter. Happy Winter!

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