5 Things to Ask Your Hairdresser before Every Haircut


5 Things to Ask Your Hairdresser before Every Haircut

Planning a new haircut? Remember to ask your hairdresser the following questions before getting your chop.

From following our favorite celebrity to rocking our birthday eve, haircuts always carry an important story and purpose. And undoubtedly, haircuts play an important role in our life. It decides our overall personality and, thus, mood for a while. And, vice-versa, even a minor experiment with your haircut can demote your overall appearance. Thus, selecting only the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi is essential for getting your dream haircut. Further, ask and explain everything beforehand to ensure neat and satisfactory results. If you plan to get a haircut soon, you must ask a few questions from the hairdresser.

5 questions to ask your hairdresser before every haircut

Well, when you go to an expert hairdresser, you don’t have to worry much about the process. But, it is always advisable to ask the following questions before every haircut.

1.   Which haircut will complement your face structure?

There are different haircuts for every face structure. Seek recommendations from your hairdresser for which cut will suit your unique facial features the most.

2.   Ask for their past reference pictures for the haircut you’re considering.

Once you decide on the haircut, you want. Check the reference images of that cut. Verbal descriptions can sometimes be ambiguous, so it’s helpful to have visual references. Also, you can ask your hairdresser if he has a past client with the same cut. This will also help you to rate their expertise.

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3.   How to maintain and style your hair after the cut?

Even a simple haircut can bring major changes to your appearance. Thus, you can ask your hairstylist about the right tools and products to maintain your hair after the cut. For example, at Magio Hair, the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi, you are assisted with the proper instructions while having a haircut.

4.   What is the cost package and additional services with this haircut?

Never forget to confirm the cost package beforehand. Further, the best hair stylist in Abu Dhabi often provides you with additional service with the cut. This may include head wash or blow dry treatment.

5.   How often should I schedule regular trims to maintain this haircut?

As we all know that different haircuts require different maintenance schedules. And it’s essential to trim your hair at proper intervals to maintain your look. Also, regular trims prevent spilt ends. Thus, ask your hairdresser how frequently you should come in for trims to keep your haircut looking its best.

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In conclusion, getting the right haircut to complement your overall personality can be daunting. But with the right hairstylist in Abu Dhabi, it is always possible to do it in the right way. So, make your next haircut appointment a success by proactively conversing with your hairdresser.

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