The 7 Coolest Haircut Trends Of 2024, According To Celebrity Stylist

The 7 Coolest Haircut Trends Of 2024

The 7 Coolest Haircut Trends Of 2024, According To Celebrity Stylist

As we step into 2024, it’s time to bid farewell to outdated hair trends. We embrace the freshest styles that are set to dominate the scene. With insights straight from the realm of celebrity hairstyling, Maria Kama, owner of the reputed hair salon Magio Hair, explores the seven coolest haircut trends of the year. Get ready to transform your locks and make a bold statement with your mane!

7 Haircuts to Try in 2024

Here are the top suggested haircuts to try in 2024 to revolutionize your overall look:

Side-Swept Bangs

Traditional side-swept bangs are once again in style. According to our trusted celebrity stylist Maria Kama, these face-framing fringe variations are making a thriving return, endorsed by icons like Taylor Swift. Whether you’re rocking existing bangs or opting for a fresh cut, side-swept bangs add a touch of elegance and versatility to any look.

Braided Updos

Breathtaking braided updos are another way to add glamour to your style. Perfect for red-carpet events or a night out on the town, these intricate styles are set to steal the spotlight from sleek and sophisticated to effortlessly chic. Braided updos offer endless possibilities for showcasing your creativity and personal flair.

Round Curly Haircuts

Round, curly haircuts are another way to enhance the natural beauty of your curls. Inspired by the signature afro of trendsetter Ice Spice, this trend celebrates voluminous locks that frame the face in all the right ways. With the right cut and styling, you can achieve a stunning, head-turning look that exudes confidence and charm.

Honey-Blonde Hair Color Trend

Gone are the days of platinum blonde. With the honey-blonde hair color trend, embrace a more natural hue. As advocated by our celebrity stylist, Maria Kama, this warm shade adds depth and dimension to your locks while maintaining a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Whether you’re a blonde bombshell or looking to lighten up your look, honey-blonde is the way to go.


Headbands to Create a Chic and Retro Look

Finish off your look with a touch of retro glamour courtesy of headbands. Whether you prefer puffy’ 60s-inspired styles or sleek, stretchy options, headbands are the ultimate accessory for adding a pop of personality to your hairdo. Get yourself a trendy headband, and channel your inner fashionista.

Blunt Cuts that Reflect Confidence

This 2024, make a statement with blunt cuts that exude confidence and sophistication. From medium-length styles to cropped pixie cuts, this trend embraces clean lines and bold silhouettes for a look that commands attention. In simple words, blunt cuts are one of the best hairstyles to embrace in 2024. 

Easy Bends for Effortless Style

Who says styling has to be complicated? In 2024, you can try the easy bends trend. All you need is a flat iron and a spritz of texture spray, and you can achieve soft, natural-looking waves that are perfect for any occasion. 

Wrapping Up

With insights from our esteemed celebrity stylist Maria Kama, it’s clear that 2024 is shaping up to be a year of bold experimentation and self-expression in the world of hair. From classic cuts to modern twists, these seven coolest haircut trends offer something for everyone looking to refresh their look. So go ahead, book a salon appointment with Magio Hair, and get ready to rock your new signature style with confidence and flair!

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