The Complete Guide for Haircare Whilst on Summer Vacation

The Complete Guide for Haircare Whilst on Summer Vacation

We’re halfway through the year and you’re about to take a well-earned break at your favourite summer destination, Mykonos, Santorini, Dubai! There’s a lot to prepare not just for the travel but to ensure you’re looking perfect in all your holiday snaps! Here’s how to care for your hair to ensure it looks and feels its best!

Hair Cut

A hair cut is best had a few days before your trip so that it begins the holiday in good shape and condition. When your hair is trimmed and healthy, it also reduces styling time, so you won’t have to wrestle with the hair dryer in your hotel room! It’s also best to top up your colour so you can enjoy the next 4 weeks without worrying about roots or greys. For those with balayage or highlights, don’t forget to care for your colour with toner as chlorine from swimming pools tends to turn bleached hair green!

Hair Extensions

For many people, a long vacation is a great time to play with longer hair! Hair extensions provide effortless volume and ensure great hair no matter the activity. A new application of keratin bond, tapes or clips are best taken care of just before you go away.

Hair Treatments

Beach and pool holidays put your hair through the motions with chlorine, chemicals, sun, and salt water. A treatment is best to give your hair the extra nourishment it needs. At MAGIO we suggest a Scalp PH Balancing System Treatment to nourish and rebalance the scalp ahead of the holiday. Deep Protein Treatments are also a great option and ensure that any previous damage is remedied, and hair is strengthened. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed so don’t let the thought of damaged hair hold you back this summer. MAGIO’s own Creative Director recommends Swimmers Wellness Remedy from Malibu C as the haircare product to take along with you to protect and moisturise your hair.

The Products to Take with You

We all know that luxury hotels will provide shampoo and conditioner but it’s important to note that this is not to be used on your hair – you recognise that professional products are vital, and your home treatments must be continued as part of your self-care routine on vacation. Consider instead taking products specifically for hard water and salt water such as Malibu C’s swimmer and hard water conditioners. Then take your hair dryer with diffuser, combs, and serum. Curls and wet look styles are trending this summer. Finish off with a good sun protection hair spray and ensure to pack it in the beach bag with you.

On Your Return

When you return it’s a good idea to book an appointment so we, at MAGIO, can work our magic! We will refresh your roots or do a toner treatment and a build-up extractor treatment is also essential to ensure a clean and happy scalp and hair.

Extra Tips from a Top Hairdresser

We don’t recommend relaxing treatments or keratin straightening before your vacation – if this is something you’d like, ensure it’s done 2-3 months before your vacation. Saltwater strips hair of keratin which would undo all the good of the treatment. Sodium opens your cuticle, depleting the hair of keratin and moisture. If you think you’ll just swim in a pool instead – think again! Unfortunately, chlorine does the exact same thing.

Deep protein is a key element of any haircare products if you have coloured hair. It’s a good idea to mix your toner with your colour builder for extra care – at MAGIO we always include builder such as Olaplex or B3 to ensure your hair is protected!

Happy holidays!

The MAGIO team

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