Met Gala Inspired Hair Color Every Woman Should Embrace

Met Gala Inspired Hair Color Every Woman Should Embrace

Met Gala Inspired Hair Color Every Woman Should Embrace

The Met Gala 2024 happened, and that left everyone stunned. From Kylie Jenner to Alia Bhatt, celebrities and models across the world rocked the ramp, creating a buzz among the audience. But have you noticed that apart from the designer outfits, another thing that has turned the table down is the unique hair colors of the celebrities? 

In this blog, we have covered all popular Met Gala-inspired hair colors that women should embrace. From Zendya’s color strands to Gigi’s blonde bob, find the best one and get it done to witness a colorful change. 

Top 5 Hair Colors Inspired From Met Gala 2024

Under the theme Garden of Time, different celebrities presented a unique vision with their extraordinary outfits and hair colors. Here are the top five hair colors inspired by the Met Gala that every woman should try at least once in her life.


Kim Kardashian made a bold statement with her newly minted blonde, a shade far from the traditional warm golden hues. Her icy, cool look perfectly complemented her gown’s colors. But what truly stood out was her embrace of frizzy waves, a reminder to all women that it’s okay to embrace their natural selves, imperfections and all. 

Natural Browns 

Natural browns can never go out of fashion, and Indian actress Alia Bhatt proved it. To rock her look in a floral saree, the actress decided to rock her natural brown hair color. And that’s turned out to be her best decision ever. She turned out to be the most-watched celebrity at the Met Gala, surpassing all Kardashians and Jenners. For the hairstyle, she opted for a messy bun adorned with matching headgear.


Half Blonde, Half Brown

Zendaya, as one of the co-chairs of the Met Gala, made her return as the next Disney villain. For hair color, the beauty went for half-brown hair complemented with blonde hair strands. That impressed everyone, including her boyfriend, Tom Holland, who shared her photo on his Instagram handle as well. For her hairstyle, she kept it clumsy yet covered. Her duo-colored hair was tucked under a green veil, complemented with floral adornments. That adds a whimsical touch to her.

Bright Blonde

Bright blonde is still in the trend, said Gigi Hadid with her evergreen hair color. The American model flaunted her bright blonde hair color with romantic curls. Looking like Bob cut from the front pose, her hair color turned into another modern hairstyle saga that will definitely turn into a hair trend super soon. To add a deeper effect, she created a balanced look by curling away her hair from her face and sweeping it over into a deep side part. This elevated the look in a more fiery way. 

Fading Browns

Gone are the days when faded brown hair used to be a symbol of hair damage, screamed Kendall Jenner during her Met Gala appearance. The model made a hot and drizzling hair entry with a dark brown hair color that ultimately created a faded look from roots to tips. For hairstyle, the model opted for soft yet sexy waves that flow down her waist..

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There’s no doubt that each year, the Met Gala brings a new set of trends to the table. While the above mentioned are the top hair colors of 2024, you can always experiment more. For more information, connect with us.

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