3 High End Salon Products from Magio Hair to Nourish Your Hair

3 High End Salon Products from Magio Hair

3 High End Salon Products from Magio Hair to Nourish Your Hair

Are you searching for high end salon products that are entirely customized to tackle your hair problems? Here are the top-rated recommendations that do wonders for your hair.

Who wouldn’t like to witness the magic of salon-styled hair every day at home? However, it’s not generally possible as hair salons utilize customized hair care products based on your requirements and needs. But here are a few recommended hair products from Maria Kama, leading hairstylist at Magio Hair. Let’s explore this exclusive collection and unlock the secrets to boosting your hair growth, making it shiner and healthier.

Three high end salon products from Magio Hair

Here are the top three salon products totally customized for your hair problems.

Hydrate Color Wellness® Collection for Dull Hair

For those tormented by the fading hues and lifelessness of color-treated hair, Magio Hair’s Hydrate Color Wellness® Collection is your emancipation. Priced at a compassionate $34.00 (from $38.00), this collection liberates your locks from the shackles of dullness. The sulfate-free shampoo and nutrient-rich conditioner work harmoniously, breathing life back into faded colors. Say goodbye to the anguish of prematurely dull tones and embrace a symphony of vibrant hues that echo your individuality. Magio Hair understands the silent cries of color-treated locks, and this collection is its eloquent response.


Hard Water Wellness® Collection to Sheild Your Hair

Hard water is the silent aggressor that leaves your hair lifeless and damaged. Magio Hair’s Hard Water Wellness® Collection, now available at $34.00 (originally $38.00), is the formidable shield you need. If the relentless mineral buildup, discoloration, and damage have been the thorn in your hair’s side, this 100% vegan wellness kit is your knight in shining armor. The infusion of L-ascorbic acid, betaine, and flax protein stands as a powerful counter to the hardships your locks endure. Bid farewell to the silent struggle; let your hair emerge victorious, resilient, and impervious to the harsh effects of malicious minerals.

Swimmers Wellness® Collection for Water Enthusiasts

For the water enthusiasts whose joy in the pool turns to despair post-swim, Magio Hair’s Swimmers Wellness® Collection. Priced at just $34.00 (originally $38.00), the product fades away all the distress of chlorine, copper, and tangled distress. This exclusive system becomes your escape route, offering a sulfate-free haven for your locks. Break free from the aquatic aftermath as your hair undergoes a rejuvenating transformation, emerging as a testament to strength, vibrancy, and moisture. Magio Hair understands the struggles of aquatic enthusiasts, and this collection is the key to unlocking radiant, post-swim locks.

Concluding, hair care is an essential routine step. Magio Hair’s high end salon products are a tailored response to the silent pleas of your locks. Each product is a beacon of relief, shining light on the pain points that have long plagued your hair. And if you’re based in Abu Dhabi, book your appointment with Magio Hair and start a transformation.

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