How To Choose Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color

How To Choose Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color

How To Choose Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color

Nowadays, one of the best options to get yourself a good look is that you dye your hair. But a common question that arises in every person’s mind is, “Which color will suit me well?”. It’s very necessary that we pre-decide in which color we are going to dye our hair. Otherwise, it can result in weird results, too. We must know which color will suit our hair. Many factors affect the choice of hair color. The most affecting one is our eye color because you get a stunning effect if your eyes are compatible with your hair. Magio Hair is a well-known hair salon in Abu Dhabi and here our experts will help you understand which hair colors will suit different types of eye shades.

Deciding Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color

Here’s how you can decide on hair color as per your eye shades.

If you have blue eyes:

Cool shades of color are a very good contrast to the persons with blue eyes. Some of the shades that will help them look more charming are platinum blonde and ash blonde. Cool shades of brown are also a good choice for these people. These colors enhance the intensity of your blue eyes. You can also try cool tones of silver or icy blue if you want to look unique among various people.

If you have brown eyes:

Brown is the most found color in every corner of this world. Due to its versatility, it can be paired with different hair colors. In particular, tones like honey blonde, chestnut, or caramel are very good options if you want to add warmth to your appearance. And if you choose to show your depth, deep brown or dark black colors can help you in doing so.

For the persons with green eyes:

With complimentary hair colors, autumn or strawberry blonde shades can intensify the green even more for persons with green eyes. If the person likes dark shades, rich chocolate browns or deep reds are the requirements for this. Apart from these, warm shades can also glorify the beauty of that person.

For the person with hazel eyes:

As hazel-coloured eyes are beauty in itself. And a good matching hair color can add more glamor to it. Some shades like golden blonde hues, warm browns, and red shades are good partners for enhancing the charm of the hazel eyes. These shades can highlight the beauty of the eyes more and even enhance the complexity of those deep eyes.


For the person with gray eyes:

As this is the rarest eye color, the right shades add more uniqueness to them. Cool shades like silver, platinum, and ass blonde add more coolness to those already cool eyes resulting in a sophisticated look. And for a dramatic or mysterious look, one can opt for darker colors. Some good choices are charcoal and deep blue, as they will exaggerate the personality of the person.

Other Important Tips While Choosing Hair Color

  • Considering your skin tone is extremely important as it can affect the looks of the person. People with cool skin tones can prefer ashy or platinum tones, whereas a person with warm skin tones can pair well with golden, honey, and coppery shades.
  • You can experiment first by just highlighting your hair, and if the color suits you, you can go for a full hair color.
  • You also can refer to professional advice as it will help very much and will keep you away from any mistakes.
  • Also, different hair colors require different levels of maintenance. So choose the one which fits you in everyday life.

Magio Hair: The Best Hair Salon in Abu Dhabi

If you’re based in Abu Dhabi and looking for a dedicated hair salon for ladies that can transform your overall appearance, trust Magio Hair. Led by expert hair stylist Maria Kama, the team at Magio Hair is dedicated to offering you the best services, entirely customized to your style and personality. 

For selecting the hair color based on your eye shade, one must be very thoughtful and awake as it affects the future of the person. Whether one has any colored eyes, they must choose their hair color very wisely so that they can stun themselves very nicely in front of everyone. They must take time and do experiments before implementing everything. Hope this guide will help with this.

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