Balayage: What You Need to Know

Balayage highlights

Balayage: What You Need to Know

Balayage has been around for a while, but its popularity has recently skyrocketed thanks to its use
on the red carpet and catwalks. Client are now flocking to MAGIO to get their hair coloured using
this technique. If you’re considering getting balayage done on your hair, you may be wondering what
you need to know. We sat down with our resident Balayage expert, Maria Kama to get the inside
scoop on this French hair colouring technique.
Balayage is different from traditional highlights, which involve using a foiling technique to give a
symmetrical appearance. With Balayage, highlights are painted on, giving a more natural look that
mimics the pattern of lightness that the sun creates.

Benefits of Balayage
At MAGIO Balayage highlights are painted on by the colourist, resulting in a low maintenance,
versatile, and beautiful set of highlights.

Low Maintenance
Balayage highlights typically only require touch-ups every 8-12 weeks, which can save you time and
money. In contrast, regular highlights may need touched up in as little as six weeks.

Healthier-Looking Hair
Balayage highlights require less saturation of your hair in bleach or colour dye, resulting in healthier,
softer, and silkier hair with less damage and dryness.

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Versatile to Meet Your Needs
Balayage highlights are versatile when it comes to hair colouring. You can have it done to create a
stylish ombre look or achieve more natural-looking highlights. Balayage highlights can be made as
soft or as strong as you’d like.

Safe for Pregnant Women and Those With Allergies
Can be safely done on pregnant women and those with allergies to hair colour because they sit
directly on the hair and not the scalp. It is the safest, most versatile, and lowest-maintenance option
for women who want beautiful highlights in their hair.

In conclusion, Balayage is a versatile, low-maintenance, and customizable hair coloring technique
that can give you a beautiful, natural-looking set of highlights. It’s no wonder that it has become one
of the most sought-after hair color techniques in salons around the world.

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