5 Occasions Where You Can Embrace Hair Extensions

5 Occasions Where You Can Embrace Hair Extensions

5 Occasions Where You Can Embrace Hair Extensions

Every person always tries to look better, whether it’s professional, on any special occasion, or at any event. And hair is that ace of spade that can help you with this. We just need to do a great hairdo, and we get special attention from everyone else. And hair extension is a great way to transform yourself the way you want. There are many ways to add weight or volume or die. Sometimes, you want to do hair extensions but don’t know when to do them. But, from now on no need to worry about this problem. Below are listed five occasions when you can choose to embrace hair extensions.

5 Occasions To Flaunt Your Hair Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Magio Hair is a dedicated hair salon for ladies in Abu Dhabi. Run by celebrity hair stylist Maria Kama, we offer the best-in-class hair extensions in Abu Dhabi. If you want to book an appointment, you can schedule it today. Here are the five occasions suggested by Maria Kama where you can flaunt your hair extensions.

Wedding and Special Events

Every time we go to any function, like someone’s wedding, festive celebration, or family get-together, we want to steal everyone’s attention. Here, along with your outfit, your hair plays an impact. And hair extensions can do the magic for you. With the extension, we can make any hairstyle, like curls, updos, or braids. By extending hair, we add length and density, providing a good canvas for customizing your hair the way you want. 

Photo Shoots and Modeling Gigs

In a product advertisement or gig, there is no doubt that the product must be of good quality, but there is another factor affecting the choice of people. And that is the person who is promoting/modeling for the product. If the model looks good, attractive, and charming, then the product gets a different hype. An extension of hair adds more beauty to the personality of the model and helps them to flaunt themselves. They can choose from different options, such as waves, ponytails, updos, curls, and many more. This will help them and the stylists to dive into a sea of various options and choose the suitable one. 

Vacations and Travel Adventures

Vacations are perfect for experimenting with hair extensions. Whether you are trekking on a beach or exploring a new city, you could get Instagram-worthy hair in minutes if you have a hair extension. Whether you opt for waves, straights, or curls, you will achieve an effortless and glamorous look. As extensions are lightweight, you can easily maintain the polished look of your hair throughout your entire journey. 


Career Milestones and Job Interview

The first impression is the last. And it is mostly applied in professional life. Whether it’s your interview or any business meeting. And in your first impression, apart from your verbal skill, your appearance also matters. Your attire and your look justify your appearance. Hair plays a major role in defining your look. Hair extension helps enhance the looks of your hair by adding thickness and volume to it. Good volume makes it easy for your hair to stay in style and remain polished, which helps you look professional throughout the day. And apart from your look, your hair also gives you the confidence required to stand out from other candidates and colleagues. 

Everyday Glamour and Self-care

Who says that we need any special occasion, vacation, meeting, or anything else to increase our beauty? What does it mean to look beautiful, confident, and charming on some special days only and stay full throughout the remaining? Hair extensions can be done every day, too. It helps you remain confident, express your beauty, and empower you. While having a meal with any friend or family, you can show the real boss in terms of beauty. Choosing curls, waves, or updos, everything will make you able to flaunt the best of you in front of the onlookers and will gain their attention also.


At last, hair extension helps you achieve beauty and express it in front of the whole world. They also help you boost your confidence. Whether it is a wedding, festival celebration, holiday, professional career, photoshoot, or modeling, it helps you throughout all these and many more. For more information, book an appointment with Magio Hair. It not only doesn’t transform your hair; it also transforms you and your personality. And, by choosing the right option from variation, you can gain access to a world full of style and confidence and can create your different personality. So, choose wisely and flaunt yourself.

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